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LocalMotive Organic Delivery - Refund and method-of-delivery policies

Refund Policy

Orders that are made within the ordering schedule, but are not picked up by clients, will not be credited or refunded.

Orders that are made within the ordering schedule that are not available for clients for unforeseen logistical complications will be refunded the price of their orders, or have the value of the order credited to their next purchase.

Items that are claimed within 24 hrs of purchase to not be up to quality standards of the client, will be refunded or credited to the account of the client.

Clients that discontinue recurring payments for a subscription based program will be barred from future programs until they have paid for the remaining months of their subscription.

Method of Delivery

Orders that are made and paid for within the ordering and payment schedule will be ready for pick up at the appropriate group location, or delivered to clients' homes or offices, according to the pickup and delivery schedule of the group to which clients pertain.

Orders for groups that offer a delivery option are delivered to homes or offices the same day as the pick-up date for that group.